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  • Erin Chamberlain, MS, PT

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Erin received her bachelors’ degree in Exercise Physiology (1997) and her masters degree in physical therapy (1999) from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. She has worked at MCH as a physical therapist since graduating in 1999. Erin is a clinical specialist in Cardiac, Pulmonary and Diabetes Rehabilitation directs the Medical Rehab Programs at the Bond Wellness Center. Other areas of specialty are pediatrics, vestibular and women’s health. Erin enjoys practicing across a spectrum of populations is interested in new challenges.

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    Physical Therapist

    Physical Therapy


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    458 Old Street Road

    Peterborough, NH 03458

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  • Education:
    MS 1999, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

  • Specialty Areas:
    Cardiac, Pulmonary and Diabetes Rehabilitation, Coordinator Medical Rehab Programs at the Bond Wellness Center. Specialty areas: pediatrics, vestibular rehabilitation and women’s health.